BONES Big Balls Reds - 8 Pack of Bearings

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Bones Big Balls are here. Performance, quality and engineering over the last 40 years have made Bones one of the most popular go to bearings on the market today. Why play with a perfect formula and introduce something new?

Knowing sometimes a skater needs more to do more, Bones have introduced the Bones BIG BALLS REDS. Same engineering as Bones Super Swiss 6 but manufactured in China to the Bones Skate Rated specifications. Why get them done in China? Because not every skater can afford a set of Bones Super Swiss Six Balls. Now you can have the Bones Big Balls at a price that you like! Lube them up, skate them to death then buy another pack.

In skate terms Bones Big Balls equate to bigger wheels, meaning faster and longer rolling. This is because there is less friction on those puppies, they roll slower but go faster. Less friction means less heat on your balls. Less heat means they are longer lasting, giving you a great value skate bearing.