BAR WRAPS - Paisley | Purple/Gold

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BAR WRAPS - Paisley | Purple/Gold

It has taken more than two years of development for BarWraps to create the perfect DIY wrap for scooter bars. Made from fine cotton, and using a patent-pending re-applicable adhesive, these BarWraps are a must have for every scooter. 

Applying a BarWrap is as easy as applying griptape. No expertise is required at all.

It takes between 10 and 25 minutes to wrap your bars, and because of the re-applicable glue, you don't have to get it perfect first time.

Super sticky adhesive-backed cotton, designed and tested over two years to produce a mind-blowing material that can be cut, stretched, repositioned and removed with no fuss and no mess!

One pack will fit ANY scooter bars.

Developed and Endorsed by the original BarWrapper, Jessica Boland.