EXITE 50/50 – knee pads for street/ramp

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The EXITE 50/50 is a unique knee-pad for skateboarding, you can customize this knee-pad to suit your fit. It is strapped onto the knee from the front (no need to remove your skate shoes) and offers full wrap-around protection and comfort. The knee pads can be customised by adjusting the top elastic strap through a buckle (‘cut n sear’ to suit) and the bottom strap which is velcro can also be customised to suit (‘cut velcro’)

The 50/50 has two cap designs two cap sizes (Small and Medium/Large) The caps are velcroed onto the 50/50 from the front.

The Main Foam in each pad size is designed to suit each size (Small, Medium and Large Foam designs) and the body of the pad is designed for a left and right Knee. (buckle worn on the inside of the knee)