FOOTPRINT 7mm Insoles - Biebel King Of Hollywood (8/8.5)

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  • These insoles warm to your body temperature for customized joint support and high impact protection. Each insole is 7mm of flat, impact-absorbing King Foam that fits well in both cupsole and vulcanized shoes. The behavior of the foam is soft, flexible, and custom-contouring under the foot. At the moment of impact, the Kingfoam becomes firm and converts most of the injury causing impact energy to unnoticeable heat.
    Key Features
    Kingfoam Heel Pads
    Determining Your Foot Type
    Anti-Microbial Moisture Wicking Sublimated Fabric
    Best for Mid to High Arches
    Reduce Fatigue4
    Kingfoam - All Footprint soles are covered from heel to toe with Kingfoam, a military grade urethane that converts the force of impacts into heat. Absorbs 90% of impact energy and protects against bruises and joint damage.