GUMBALL Superball Toe Stops - Short Stem

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The Superball Toe Stops are the first dual durometer oversize toe stop made. Featuring a hollow stem and 60mm footprint, this stopper offers the best of both worlds.

With even more rubber than the super popular Gumball, the Superball uses 8 slightly harder pods running through the stopper to give you better toe stop life, while maintaining the grip Gumball formula is famous for.

Superball Toe Stops are available in two stem lengths,

  • Standard 30mm
  • Mini/Short 17mm

This combination of dual-duro formula and oversized stopping surface ensures the best stopping power and stability possible.

Coloured stems are packaged randomly. You might get red, blue, green, or purple. It's a surprise in every box!

Sold in pairs.