ROOT INDUSTRIES Invictus Titanium Bars - Raw

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ROOT INDUSTRIES Invictus Titanium Bars - Raw

Gnarly yet glorious, the all-new Root Industries Invictus Titanium handlebars are a sight to behold. Based on Root Industries' beautiful Invictus completes, this bar has been simplified down to a flat raw finish topped with a lightly engraved Root Industries logo.

Tested by some of the sport’s top riders for over 12 months, these bars are nearly unbreakable from everyday use. Not only are they strong, the Invictus bars are lightweight and balanced to ensure buttery-feeling barspins and allow for excellent whip control.

Unlike other titanium bars on the market, Root makes it's Titanium bars an extra 0.2mm thicker to make them the STRONGEST titanium bars available in scootering.

Above all, they look gorgeous and are a perfect fit for any level of scooter rider.

Dimensions: 670mm (h) x 610mm (w)