VANS SKATE - Slip-On - Black/Black

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Some of the keen eyed amongst you may have noticed a big change across the Van’s shoe line over the last week or so – well, we’re here to hopefully breakdown some of the confusion and explain what is going on with the new Vans ‘Skate’ line. Vans previously released their core skate shoe’s under the ‘Pro’ Line – these bared the red tag we have come to know at the pro-tag for Vans shoes, indicating the shoe being made more durable and often have features oriented towards skateboarding. Now these shoes aren’t going anywhere infact they’ve been revamped to a degree – the core van’s shoes (Old School, Sk8-High, Sk8-Low, Era, Slip-on, etc) will have their ‘pro’ title stripped and replaced with the new ‘skate’ title. Whilst this may seem like a downgrade the shoes are stronger than ever with Vans new pop-cush insole being rolled out across the entire line of shoes, along with the features that have become a mainstay in Van’s skate shoes like duracap. The ‘Skate’ line is easily identifiable from their new checkerboard tag and checkerboard box.

We are yet to learn if Van’s current Pro range of shoes such as the Rowan, Berle, TNT and AVE will be moving from the ‘Pro’ line to the ‘Skate’ line, but we’ll be sure to update you all as soon as we know.